Valentines' Day and Self-Care OR Love Comes in ALL Forms and Shapes

Written by Marisa Conde on Feb 09, 23

There is no other celebration so dedicated to love as Valentine’s Day. It is an opportunity to spread love and celebrate diversity and inclusion. It all comes down to showing support and expressing appreciation, whether it will be romantically or platonically.  

It is time to give Cupid, the Roman God of erotic love, drawing his bow and arrow, a rest and focus on what love should be, as society evolves and the concept of relationship, friendship and family evolves with it. 

For this reason, I prefer to call it Valentines'  Day and not Valentine's Day (and yes, I understand how the apostrophe changes the concept), as I think that ALL valentines, galantines, everything in between, family members and yourself should be celebrated! 

Love Yourself and everything else will follow

Some people get a little sad on this day because they don't have a significant other. I say: no valentine, no problem! You are enough and should pamper youself! As a bonus, if you are celebrating yourself you can do whatever you would like on that day! This is an act of self-care!

Take yourself on a date, dress up to impress yourself, look in the mirror and appreciate how gorgeous you are, go to that spa you always wanted to, go for a walk in nature, do yoga or your favourite sport. 

Not your style and/or you are a ''staying at home bug'', have an extra long bath or shower, apply your favourite body cream (maybe ours, hehe) and massage yourself, dress up in your sexiest lingerie, sweat pants or craziest outfit, light some candles and incense, grab a book, play a game, watch your favourite series or do absolutely nothing, relax and enjoy an evening of pure relaxation and bliss. 

Celebrate Galentine's Day

On Galentine's and/or Palentine's Day you spend the day enjoying and appreciating the bond you have with your closest and best friends

Galentine's Day was invented by the fictional character Leslie Knope in the US TV show Parks and Recreation in 2010. She created the day to celebrate her female friends on February 13th, aka Valentine's Day eve, in which the day consisted of bottomless brunches, gift giving and total girl power.  

You know your friends best, but I think those are very nice ideas! ;)


On Extended and Chosen Family and Partnerships  

Affection, the feeling of belonging and kinship, and with whom you choose to share it with, are of ulterly importance and you should choose the one(s) that your heart desires. 

The concept of family has changed, some people don't get along with their biological family but find love and support in a chosen family, others choose to be relationship anarchists or find greater joy being friends with benefits. 

On this day, set your heart and mind free, and tell your family and/or chosen family member(s), best friend(s), partner(s) and any other significant other(s) you might be thinking of that you cherish and love them and would like to spend some time together! 

Show the ones you love how much you care all year long

If you truly love a person, you wouldn’t require one special day to prove it to them. For some people, the 14th of February represents an obligation, and creates anxiety in a relationship by setting unrealistic expectations between partners.

What is your love language? Based on that, tell or show your partner how much you love and value them all year long. 


How will you celebrate this special day? Do you have any comments on the matter or think that something else was left unsaid, please let me know here!


With extra love <3,