National Dutch Week without Meat & Diary: Inspiration!

Written by Marisa Conde on Mar 07, 23

From March 6-12, 2023, The Netherlands will hold the 6th Annual National Week Without Meat and Diary - Nationale Week zonder Vlees en Zuivel. This sustainability campaign, which began in March 2018, aims to demonstrate the positive impact of reducing meat consumption on the climate.

If you choose to abstain from meat and dairy consumption for a week as an adult, you could potentially save 193 liters of water and reduce driving by 80 kms. This equates to 18% less water usage and 41% fewer kms of CO2 emissions when compared to someone who consumes meat and dairy products.

The calculations were made based on the assumption that plant-based meat and dairy substitutes such as vegan burgers, legumes, nuts, seeds, soy drink, almond drink, soy yogurt, coconut milk, and other meat and dairy alternatives are used.

If you're curious about how much you could save by reducing consumption of only meat or dairy or by regularly skipping meat and dairy, you can find more information in this report!

That being said, we all need inspiration from time to me, and we are thrilled to share with you some amazing vegan people and brands that we consider vegan role models.

Food, Yoga and Activism by Karo 

Karo identifies an a Holistic Navigator who combines her diverse skills to provide a comprehensive approach to healing and wellness. She holds certifications as an 800-hour Yoga Teacher in Jivamukti Yoga and Yogasana, as well as a vegan chef, food coach, and is currently pursuing certification as an Ayurveda Health Coach.

Throughout her decade-long career, Karo has traveled extensively, teaching yoga, advocating for animal rights, promoting activism, and leading vegan cooking classes. She now calls Amsterdam home, where she conducts online classes and in-person coaching sessions focused on plant-based and Ayurvedic lifestyles. Karo also hosts a podcast with weekly episodes.

Rise Clan by Miguel  

''Established in the 90’s. With the flavour of Hip Hop. In the flow of RAP. With the attitude of Punk. In the spirit of DIY. Screaming for a change. Choosing Fire Over Apathy. Questioning the unquestionable. Dreaming about a better tomorrow. For Total Liberation''.

Founded in 1996 by Miguel Sarzedas, RISE CLAN started in his hometown of Torres Vedras, Portugal, in his dad's garage.

Initially, the company's focus was on producing vegan and sweatshop-free products. Over 27 years, RISE CLAN has grown into a conscious, sober, vegan, sweatshop-free, fair trade, organic, and climate-neutral streetwear brand that still upholds its original ethical values.

With a firm commitment to its values, RISE CLAN is a brand that stands for authenticity, representing positive values, and inspiring individuals to follow their hearts, passions, dreams, and goals.

Little Plant Pantry by Carolina & Pomi

Little Plant Pantry was established in 2019 by Winter and Maria. Their focus was on providing plant-based, bulk, and minimal waste without the use of plastic.

After a few years of running Little Plant Pantry, the founders decided to move on from the business and leave it in the capable hands of Carolina and Pomi. 

Under their ownership, Little Plant Pantry has become a one-stop-shop for sustainable and minimal-waste living, as well as a community hub where like-minded people can connect. 

Little Plant Pantry is not just a grocery store but also a hub for learning and connecting with like-minded individuals. They offer workshops, such as soapmaking, and serve homemade, delicious food prepared by their experienced chef, Pomi.

It's the perfect spot to enjoy healthy and tasty meals while also expanding your knowledge on sustainable living. To truly appreciate what makes Little Plant Pantry unique, one must visit and experience it firsthand.

Fittest Man in The Netherlands: Jeremy Reijnders

Vegan CrossFit athlete and coach, Jeremy Reijnders, recently earned the title of “Fittest Man in the Netherlands”, after winning the top spot in the Dutch CrossFit Games Open, which serves as a national qualifier for the larger Regional CrossFit Games in Berlin.

Reijnders, who has been following a vegan lifestyle since 2015, was one of the 20 athletes in the Netherlands chosen to advance to the Regionals. There, he will compete against four others for the title of "Fittest Man on Earth."

A rising number of vegan athletes demonstrate that plant-based diets can provide excellent strength. Men's Health magazine recently named 51-year-old Ultraman competitor Rich Roll as the world's fittest vegan. Roll was also involved in producing the documentary "From the Ground Up," which showcases athletes who excel on a vegan diet.

In addition, vegan wrestler Austin Aries, who authored a book on being a plant-based athlete, recently added another championship belt to his collection.


Have you tried a plant-based diet this week? For those who are already embracing it, we hope you enjoyed connecting with others who share your values and beliefs.

With love,