About us

Primal Essence hand-crafts pure cosmetics in small batches, made from plant-derived ingredients that are sustainably harvested.

We have developed original recipes blending highest quality botanical ingredients gently together to formulate exquisite, nourishing cosmetics for a healthier and unblemished skin.

Primal Essence wants not only to provide natural beauty but also to be vigilant of the impact of our daily activities. To reduce our carbon footprint we try to work with local suppliers as much as possible and we only use ingredients from suppliers that can prove to us how they were acquired. Our packaging is minimal, 100% recyclable and reusable.

Because we cherish the value of biodiversity, the preservation of the balance of the global ecosystem and the freedom of all living beings we don’t do animal testing. Nevertheless, we still need to ensure that our creations are safe and effective, so we test our products on willing human volunteers.

All our products are vegan, free from artificial preservatives, cruelty-free, ethically traded and handmade with love!