We are celebrating 5 years of existence!!

Written by Marisa Conde on Aug 26, 22

We are celebrating 5 years of existence!!!

Primal Essence is 5 years old! Wow! Goodness gracious me!! It feels like it was yesterday that we started this project! We will let you know how to celebrate with us and win free cosmetics at the end of the post!!

We still remember all the anxiety, doubts and insecurities, but also all the excitement, butterflies in the stomach, customers and peers recognition and that sparkly eye you see in the mirror when you feel (oh so) proud of your little conquests and achievements!

We ain't going to lie to you, the first year wasn't easy at all, especially because we fully dove into it: Marisa  gave up their career in HR one day, took 2 weeks vacation and started working on Primal Essence´s project in week 3! Very brave and inspirational, we were told…or… very stupid, we are not sure! Ahah! Not suitable for the faint of heart but as the people say: only the fearless can be great!

Year 2 was a year of growth and improvement and we did a lot of markets in The Netherlands and Belgium. In year 3 we started offering soapmaking workshops, spread our market participation into Germany and Portugal, rebranded (and revamped) our branding, and established a solid customer base together with other partnerships that are still working together with us today! And yes, our year 3 was in the beginning of 2020, and year 4 overlapped with the ‘wonders’ and struggles of 2021, but our online sales increased and we re-invented ourselves again and started offering local deliveries by bike: it was a success!

In year 5 (end of 2021) we closed our chapter in Amsterdam Niew-West and embraced Amsterdam Noord-NDSM! We started by making our products in a new cool co-working space and in 2022 we created a brand new cosmetic lab from scratch in the neighbourhood street. We are so thrilled to announce that this new space has a showroom that you can visit and yes, if you do we will give you a personal tour! You can also buy our products there, or order online and pick up there, and there is enough space to start offering you soapmaking workshops again soon! We are so excited about the future possibilities that it will offer!

We also returned to markets and were so happy and excited to see our entrepreneur seller friends, reconnecting with old loyal customers and meeting new ones! For example, last Sunday at Vegan Summer Fest in Ghent, the first 3 visitors that showed up at our stall started buying our products in 2017!! We felt so grateful and surprised when we saw them! 

But in the middle of all these successes and opportunities, We would like to thank you so very much for all the love and heart warming encouragement that we received from all of you!! It means the world to us and allows us to carry on investigating, innovating, formulating and selling products that are good for you and the environment!

We want to give back to you and will announce our 5-year anniversary giveaway on Monday on instagram ! Stay in touch and you can  win that special product you always wanted to try!

Much love and cheers to lots of more years to come!