How did I discover Primal Essence you ask? Accidentally!

Written by Nadine Grinberg on Sep 10, 22

It all started in July 2018 when I randomly stumbled on a post from Primal Essence's creator on Facebook about commuting together to a vegan festival where they will sell their products. I was searching for a ride to that same festival and we teamed up to travel together. That is how I discovered the brand and the amazing person behind it! (I will reveal more about them to you in our upcoming interview together! Keep your eyes peeled!) 

Both of us had an amazing time at the festival and as a newly transitioned vegan and always on the lookout for sustainable options for my home I was very excited to learn about Primal Essence and couldn't wait to try the products. I had tried some skin care plastic-free alternatives but nothing I would write home about...

I went home with a few of the products and long story short I ended up working for Marisa for a while and selling for them in a shop in Nijmegen and then together at another festival in Belgium. Working with such a sustainable, vegan and cruelty free product line just felt right and in tune with my values and goals. I truly enjoyed the products as well as presenting them wholeheartedly to customers. I felt proud on behalf of Marisa because I also knew how much hard work they put into each and every product, what high standards they uphold and how pure, creative and even whimsical their recipes are. 

Fast forward four years from our first encounter and here we are working together again but above all being like-minded, driven friends united by our common motivation to be in unison with nature and animals and leave the Earth not the same as we found it but even better.