Uncomfortable questions, my awkward reactions and a little secret!

Written by Marisa Conde on Jan 31, 23

Hello everybody, It's time for something fun, for your pure amusement! 

Our customers are the best and most creative ones! Reality is definitely more interesting and stranger than fiction and we are here to prove it! Haha!

We compiled the most uncomfortable, strange and funny questions that we were asked and decided to share a little secret!

We will save the best question for last! Enjoy!! :D

Can I eat the soap?

This is the ubiquitous, already mainstream question, winner of the first place in the podium!  I take it as a compliment, I really do, and I know that my creations look delicious and edible! After more than 5 years of showcasing my products, if I earned 50 cents everytime I was asked this question I would be taken care of for life!! xD

As an adult you can do whatever you would like, but if you dont know the answer to this question please, take a look at this video

Can you make me a sheep based lip balm? 

The interesting thing was that I was asked this question on a vegan market, after explaining to the gentleman that my brand is 100% vegan and that I am vegan too!

He asked me for a lanolin lip balm, because it was his favourite, when I replied the above, he asked if I could make him one...

Oh it's a Lush shop!

Lush is definitely the safest mainstream cosmetic brand and whilst I believe that people are trying to compliment me, I work very hard to be much better than them and I honestly believe that my formulations are way superior in quality!

I know that we both have very colourful products and I took a personal oath not to bad mouth them but, I no longer want to identify with a company that has grown too fast to carry on being as sustainable and natural as it used to be.

Are you stealing the slogan from Partij van de Dieren?

''We don't have plan B because there is no planet B''! To my best knowledge, Ban-Ki Moon (8th secretary-general of the UN between 2007 and 2016) was the author of this quote.

I would say that 90% of the time someone spots our tote bags this question is asked! I believe that Partij van de Dieren, is among ''the good guys'' and that they are right when they state ''Plan B: omdat er geen planeet B is'', but none of us bought the trademark of this quote or stole it from the other! ;) 

Let me tell you a secret! 

I am asked several times why I don't have or when I will have patchouli scented soaps (or any other product) as most people seem to love it

I usually say that ''maybe someday'' and ''I will think about it", but the truth is I cannot stand the smell! 

Not so secret anymore is it!? If Primal Essence ever has a patchouli scented soap someone rather than me needs to be the maker! ;)

Why don't you use urine in your soaps?  

There you go, I believe this is the most original question I was ever asked!

I confess that my imagination is very visual and what immediately crossed my mind was thisI replied that my laboratory wouldn’t  appreciate receiving such large amount of urine for analysis.


We hope that you had fun and that this post will brighten your weekend! If you found this post amusing or have other funny stories you would like to share, please get in touch and I will give you the spotlight! 


Take care,