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Marisa Conde @ 2021-07-15 18:19:01 +0200
Primal Essence was founded in 2017 in Amsterdam, out of a dream of creating a plastic-free, fully vegan, not tested on animals, fully natural, palm oil free, hypoallergenic, without harsh chemicals and circular cosmetic line! ⁠

Plastic Free July

Marisa Conde @ 2021-07-15 19:13:23 +0200

Plastic Free Bathroom withPrimal Essence 15th July 2021 It's plastic free July! Accept thechallenge and kick all those plasticbottles out of your bathroom!🧴🛁 The impact of being plastic free Did you know that only 9% of the plastic ever made has been recycled? Even scarier, most of the plastic in circulation in the world can't be recycled and of the 260 million tons of plastic the world produces each year, about 10 % ends up in the Ocean and landfills. An estimate calculated that by 2050 there will be 850-950 million tonnes of ocean plastic vs total fish stocks of...