Your full Primal Essence Winter skin-care routine!

Written by Marisa Conde on Feb 23, 23

Have you ever thought about immersing yourself in a pure Primal Essence skin care routine? It's so much fun and it's easy!

Let's discover some of the combinations you can make this winter and how they can fit your mood and daily experiences. Who says self-care is only for the weekend?

You can mix & match different products from each category or start small with one product per category to build your Primal Essence routine. We have amazing scent combinations to satisfy every whim ;)

We put together 3 soft and nourishing, winter proof combinations just for you! Dive in with us and discover a routine filled with scents and joy! 

The Minimalist

Sometimes less is more: either because we don't have a lot of time before leaving the house,  or we are trying to reduce the amount of products in our bathroom, or simply because we need to be very practical that day.

Nevertheless,it being winter and cold outside, we also want to leave the house feeling renewed and inspired by the scents of the season. We put a simple routine together for you: soap + shampoo + face moisturiser

Time to put on your Big Coat


In cold winters like the one we are living in now, our face is exposed to the elements, but so is our body, no matter how many layers of clothes we are wearing! 

We put this set together to give our bodies extra nourishment and revive our lips:

Winter is here and I am Well Prepared

Every day is a pampering day!... Or maybe it's weekend, you have the day off, can sleep a little longer or just want to fully relax and have a nice me-time evening

For days like these, we present to you a full body, face and mind routine: 


We hope that our suggestions warmed up these cold winter days a little and inspired you to take care of your skin in a fun way! Taking care of yourself can be, indeed a pleasure to the scents, yet simple and relaxing! 

But, we are curious:

  • What is your favourite set?  
  • Are you more minimalistic or prefer a longer routine?
  • What is your favourite skin care product?

Let us know here


With love <3,