Meet the maker

Written by Marisa Conde on Jul 04, 22

The start of Primal Essence

Primal Essence was founded in 2017 in Amsterdam, out of a dream of creating a plastic-free, fully vegan, not tested on animals, fully natural, palm oil free, hypoallergenic, without harsh chemicals and circular cosmetic line! ⁠

Who is Marisa?

Marisa is a Portuguese plant-powered eco-warrior, healthy lifestyle enthusiast and “foodie”, that loves to spend time in nature, yoga, dancing, festivals, playing D&D and board games, that fall in love with the Netherlands and moved in almost 8 years ago.⁠

They founded Primal Essence after leaving a successful career in HR, to pursue the alignment of their personal values with their lifestyle.

Healthy Skin = Healthy Earth

Marisa's drive was not only to do their share to help the water and soil to get rid of micro-plastics and toxic substances but also to help people of all ages and backgrounds to feel better, more confident, and empowered! They believe that you are Beautiful, and they want you to shine! ⁠

They started doing natural cosmetics many years before, as a necessity, because synthetic cosmetics prescribed by dermatologists and pharmacies didn’t help Marisa get rid of their severe acne! Natural cosmetics worked where others failed and their skin was finally clear!! Marisa wanted to share this knowledge with others! ⁠

They started by being self-taught, learning from herbalists, cosmetologists, dermatologists, books and social media channels, and then graduated from a herbology course accredited by CMA.

Marisa still makes all the products themself, by hand with lots of love and dedication!