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Plant based cosmetics are hand made from sustainable harvested ingredients in small batches by Primal Essence

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This product is ideal to refresh and wake you up. It does a great job at cleaning you (it's soap so that's a given), and it has a lovely fresh scent that is reminicent of a lemon field without being overpowering or synthetic.

Adam J.


This is the softest soap I have ever tried, the best is that it does not melt as fast as you would imagine. I mainly use it as hand soap, it really helps to prevent dry hands

Tito P.


This soap is absolutely amazing it blows my mind. It feels so refreshing on the skin and has a nice cool breezy feel to it. This soap is really good to use if you're looking to clear your skin up and leave it feeling fresh, smooth, and new. I am a regular user of this product and I have to say it amazing!! It is way better than any other face wash you could use. It isn't expensive and lasts for about 3-4 weeks, it's an amazing gift idea and a little treat for yourself!!

Linda D.


As many other people I used to buy bottles of shower gel. When I first used one of Primal Essence's soaps, I never felt so clean, and I never looked back. Great variety of smells, and ecological packaging. I'd say this peppermint soap is particularly well suited for your morning shower. It's smells super fresh, opens your eyes and you'll feel ready to handle the (work) day.

Björn P.


This cream has been the salvation of my face since the 1st day I used it. Haven't bothered putting anything else on my face since then.

Pedro R.

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